Everything You Need to Know About Coco Gauff

Coco Gauff is Taking Over Women's Tennis. 

Currently ranked 52 at the time of writing, this 16 year old phenom is beating her idols like Venus Williams and Naomi Osaka... in the same tournament. She is special talent that has everybody in the tennis wanting to know more about Coco. What makes her so good and what should we expect from her to come in the future?

Coco Gauff US Open & More

While still worrying about school assignment's Coco Gauff had her first main entry to a Grand Slam at the 2020 Australian Open. She had qualified or recieved a wild card to the other Major Tournaments. She is currently ranked 67th which will rise after she made it to the 4th round of the Aussie. Let's list some facts that make Coco so good!
  • She has a sweet nickname. Her real name is Cori. 
  • At 15 Y.O she is already 5'9" which actually isn't crazy tall for a women's tennis player, but definitely an advantage. 
  • She grew up in Florida, which is the second best place for tennis players behind California. 
  • She won her first WTA event in October of last year (2019) in Austria. She defeated Jeļena Ostapenko who was once a top 5 player.
  • She received a wild card into the qualifying draw at Wimbledon where she became the youngest player in the tournament's history to qualify for the main draw. She reached the fourth round of the event, and each of her matches was the most-watched of the day in the United States. 
  • Gauff also reached another third round at a major two months later at the US Open.
  • Her Tennis Gear is a Head Racquet and is Sponsored by New Balance reportedly up to $1M

Coco Guaff's Parents

Both her parents were Division 1 Athletes. Dad played basketball and mom ran Track. That is a good combo for a Tennis Star. Corey Gauff and Candi Gauff are her two biggest supporters and even coach at times. Corey played D1 BBall at Georgia State and her Mom ran track at Florida State. Dad left his job to be her full time coach, and her mom home schools her on the road. She has two little brothers that probably keep her inline. That is a lot of pressure for a 15-16 year old to be the sole breadwinner for a family of 5! But if anyone can do it, she can with elegance and grace.

What Should We Expect From Cori Coco Gauff Next Matches?

It might be unreasonable of us as fans to expect her to win her first grand slam at the age of 15. After all the youngest Grand Slam Champion Ever is the Great, Martina Hingis at 16 years and 177 days. That is a lot of time for Coco; and even then that is still so young! Serena was almost 18 when she won her first Grand Slam at the US Open in 1999. Michael Chang was the youngest male tennis player to win a Slam when he took down Stefan Edberg, winning the 1989 French Open at 17 years and 95 days old. 
She still has plenty of time to mature into her body. She seems to have a great head on her shoulder with supportive parents, we should expect to see a long run as a top player. She has handled the pressure against playing top ranked opponents on the biggest stages and has taken down Venus twice now! Image playing your hero at your favorite sport. Talk about nerves! 
Coco already has a well rounded game with a solid serve and very capable forehand and backhand. But I think her extensive footwork is what separated her from being an elite junior to being an elite WTA professional. 
While I don't think she will capture her first slam title this year with amazing competition like Halep and world #1 Barty still playing at a high level, I do believe she will be competing for multiple WTA 500 and 1000 titles and making deeps runs at more and more Slams. But once Coco finally wins her first Major.... LOOK OUT WORLD! She will be a force to be reckoned with! I look forward to her proving me wrong and winning the Us Open 2020 this year!

Coco Gauff Net Worth

  • At only 16 years old, Coco has already ammased a net worth of over $2.5M. 
  • She earned only $61k until Wimbledon
  • She earned $233k at Wimbledon alone
  • Her Deal with New Balance is said to be worth $1M in 2019... Im guessing that is closer to $5M now. (just a guess) 
  • In 2019 she made roughly $500k in prize money alone. But remember taxes take half, coaches, PT's, Trainers, Hotels, Planes... you get the picture. 
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