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Which Tennis Racquet is Right for me?!


Picking a tennis racquet may not be buying a home....... but it is probably the next most important decision a tennis player will make! A. There are a lot of racquets to choose from. From Wilson, to Babolat, to Head, to Volkl, to Yonex, to Tecnifibre and so on. B. They are a costly purchase (especially if you buy 2 or 3) A good racquet can cost up $200. and C. This could be your racquet for at least the next 5 years! So let's dive into the best tennis racquets and how they fit to your game for 2020. I guess the first question is... What kind of player are you?
1. The Grinder
You belong on Clay, even you though you live in Arizona (a drier climate) and their isn't a clay court for miles. You love long points and winning points because your opponents misses not because you won the point. You're just a better athlete than they are even if you aren't a better tennis player. Maybe Consistency is a better word for you... Which Racquet would be good for you?
Babolat Pure Strike 98 18x20
The head light balance ensures this frame remains highly maneuverable at the net and is able to handle volleys with ease. The 18x20 string pattern provides players access to maximum control for all of their shots. The frame is on the higher end of stiffness so players may want to decrease their string tension or utilize a softer material string to compensate. The Babolat Pure Strike 18x20 is a great option for players seeking a responsive, attacking frame that blends power, spin and control into one package.
Head Graphene 360 Speed S
The light weight makes it easy to take bigger cuts when swinging for power, and the grippy 16x19 string pattern supplies plenty of bite for bringing the ball down with spin. The high level of maneuverability makes this racquet great for scrambling on defense or cranking winners on the run. Although it doesn't have the plow through of the MP or Pro version, it feels quite solid for its weight class. At net, this racquet's quick handling will not only help you on reaction volleys, but you'll also find it easier to spring into action when opportunity knocks.
2. The Go Big or Go Home Hitter
This guy or gal is always swinging for the fences. Someone needs to tell them this game is a mix of power AND finesse. Beauty AND Bronze. But either way they like to hit the snot out of the ball. This player is going to want a heavier racquet to be able to drive through the ball and is willing to compensate on the amount of spin he/she puts on the ball. And depending on your ability to hit the sweet spot (aka your athleticism/hand eye coordination) will impact the power with which you can hit. The smaller the sweet spot the sweeter it is when you hit it!
Wilson Pro Staff RF97 Autograph Tennis Racquet
The extreme 12-point head light balance will improve maneuverability, but the frame is best suited for experienced players who are capable of handling the hefty 12.5 ounces of braided graphite. The Wilson Pro Staff RF 97 is the first racquet in Wilson's new "Attacker Player" segment, making it perfect for those seeking exceptional performance and power. If you watch Federer you will notice he hits the sweet spot (just north and center of the middle of the racquet) nearly EVERY TIME! 
Tecnifibre TFlash 300 CES Racquets
From the baseline, the TFlash 300 feels comfortably crisp at impact. It swings heavier than its predecessor, which makes it more challenging to swing but slightly better at absorbing and redirecting pace. Full swings produce impressive power, and there is more than enough spin-potential to bring the ball down hard. At net, the TFlash 300 feels solid on block volleys, and it packs enough power to finish points with a bang. Aggressive servers will appreciate the juicy combination of pop and spin. 
3. The All Purpose Person
This person is in control of most points and knows where they want to hit the ball every time. Perhaps you have experimented with lead tape because you got the consistency down, now you need a little more pop to end points. Your singles is game is rock solid, yet so is your doubles games. You're like a swiss army knife because you can do it all on the court. For this kind of player you need a racquet that is still light enough to generate quick racquet speed, but with enough pop take advantage when you get the opportunity to! 
Yonex EZONE 98 (305g) Blue
Although Kyrgios has wicked power (he can generate insane racquet head speed) he also hits wild angles. This racquet is a great balance of being able to do both! Big swings find their mark without much fuss, and there's more than enough spin potential to execute extreme angles and robust trajectories. At net The EZONE 98 is fast enough for reaction volleys, and it rewards clean mechanics with easy targeting.There's also plenty of touch for dropping the ball maliciously short. Although it lacks the stability of a traditionally weighted player's racquet, there's plenty of room for customization. Finally, on service returns, the quick handling and precision should prove dangerous in the right hands.

Volkl V-Feel 9
Although Volkl has given it a slightly denser string pattern than its predecessor, this racquet still packs impressive spin-potential, with enough bite to bring the ball down on target. At net, the V-Feel 9 feels fast, crisp and powerful, with easy depth on block volleys. There is also more than enough spin and power on tap for generating weak replies on serve.
There are some top tennis racquets on the market to help cater to your tennis game. The racquet is an extension of your arm but remember the racquet is only as good as the player. There are also other important factors when considering a racquet. Some players argue that the tennis string and tennis grips can be as important as the racquet you choose. Make sure to choose wisely and take good care of the racquet and it will take good care of you!
Bonus: Wilson Clash 2019
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