Why do Tennis Players Replace an Overgrip?

Why Change an Over Grip?

It is very common to see a tennis player putting a new overgrip before or during a match. But why do they put on a new grip so often?

Tennis Over Wrap

The main reason a tennis player switches a tennis overgrip to increase the traction of the grip and to stop it from slipping out of their hands. Tennis is a high endurance sport that often ends up with lots of sweating. As the racquet grip gets older and more worn, the grip often loses its tackiness and comfortness. This is a good sign that you need a new tennis grip. 

Most Common Over Grips Used

Overgrips can help with comfort and with anti slip in two ways.
Dry Grips: There are dry rigid grips thats help with the sweat but you lack comfort
Tacky Grips: Comfortable and sticky these grips prevent the racquet from flying out of your hand as well. However it does not absorb sweat as well as a dry grip.

Tennis Grips to Absorb Sweat

Tennis Grips tend to absorb a lot of sweat during a match. This is why it is important to get a high quality tennis grip that handle a lot of sweat and still give you the comfort and feel you need to perform at the highest level. There are grips that are perforated that are designed for optimal sweat absorption. However these grips can lack the comfort and can get slippery. Tacky grips are by far the most comfortable and recommended for the average tennis player, but tend to not do the best job of sweat absorption. Some Tacky Grips absorb better than others due to their quality and material. Dry Grips do the best job with sweat, but can be rough on the hand as the grip is dry and rough! It is tough to find the perfect grip but if you can find a happy medium of comfort and sweat absorption, it's a great start!

New Overgrips = New Confidence

How many times have you put on a new pair of shoes, or a use a new racquet, and you just feel better. The same thing happens when you put on a fresh Tennis Grip. When you grip the racquet for the first time... It just feels right. It feels like you can beat anyone! After all having confidence in tennis to go for your shots is half the battle right? With a new grip, this can your racquet feel brand new and restore the confidence in your game. Also putting on a new grip can give you a needed break, and clear any negative thoughts going through your head. So take a moment when switching sides, and put on a new grip! Just another secret to winning another tennis match! Good luck out there! 
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