Why You Should Play Pickleball If You Like Racquet Sports?

PickleBall Just Might Be More Fun Than Tennis...

I would like to preface this blog post that I was an NCAA tennis player and still love playing tennis at high level. But I gotta say... I love playing pickleball too. Why is pickle fun and maybe even better than tennis?? I'll explain...

I refuse to play tennis with anyone under 5.0 USTA or a 10.0 UTR. Playing tennis with people who are bad is simply unfun. One of my pet peeves whether I'm on a date or meet a new person and they found out I played college tennis; they say they use play growing up and we should play some time. "Yeah yeah that'd be fun for sure...." I lie. I played a minimum for 2 hours everyday for the last 8 years, it's not going to be competitive or fun for either of us. There is point this semi boasting. Even two people who are equally bad at tennis is still not very fun. When you can only make 1 maybe 2 ball rallies, nobody wins. This is why I like red dot balls for kids. So much easier to hit. They should do red dot balls for beginners too. I also think this is why soccer is the most popular sport in the world... Anyone can play and at least get up a good sweat. 

Pickleball Is The New Best Racquet Sport

With that said... this is why so many people are turning to pickleball USAPA. It has so many similarities to tennis, but is WAY EASIER! Like way way easier. The court is also half the size, your serve underhand (more returns) and the ball doesn't go as far. This all means more rallies and more people can casually go out there and play. And it still uber competitive and still requires solid hand eye coordination and still provides a solid work out at the end of the day (especially if you play singles). I do appreciate that the pickleball grips are very much the same feel as a tennis racquet grip. The game has not been around for that long, which means no one has been playing their whole life and has a huge advantage. Yes there are some really good pickleball players and professional tournaments, but they could be you in a couple years! I fully expect this sport to keep growing and maybe even become a respectable professional sport.

Is Pickle Ball Easy?

This sport is a great for a beginner and for the older person who can't quite keep up on the tennis court like they use too. Plus it is easier on the arm (no overhand serving) and with court being much smaller and less court to cover it is much easier on the legs and knees. I can also have a really fun time playing with my 65 year old Aunt! So yes... Pickleball is a blast, but there is nothing better than hitting sweet spot on a tennis racketing ripping crosscourt forehands and backhands all while getting in some serious cardio. 
Have you played Pickleball yet? I want to know what you think about it?!
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