How To Put On Tennis Shock Absorber For a Tennis Racket

Shock absorbers or vibration dampeners are used to damp or minimize the vibrations that are produced the moment you hit the ball. Some players might like the sound of the vibrating strings and some might not. So, it is up to you, whether you like the sound of the strings or not, whether you like a rubber-button device on your racquet or not. The dampeners just reduce the string vibrations. But, if you are addicted to playing with a dampener, it will be difficult for you to play without it.

What Is the Right Place of A Tennis Vibration Dampener?

What is the correct position to insert the dampener in the racquet so that it may not affect your game while playing?

Where can you put a vibration dampener? Since there isn’t much space in a racquet frame, you have pretty less options since you require most of the area for hitting the ball. Certainly, you don’t want to be disturbed by your dampener while hitting the shot.

There is something written about the position of the vibration dampener in the ITF rule book. According to it, a vibration-damping device may only be placed outside the pattern of the crossed strings.


So, that leaves us three areas to fit our damping device:

Where Can I Put My Tennis Vibration Dampener?

  1. At the base near the throat of the racquet before the first cross string. That is the only logical spot for vibration dampener and that is why you always see players insert their dampeners at that spot.
  2. At the top of the racquet, where there is very minimal space.
  3. At the extreme left or right of the racquet frame. Though it will look a little awkward and maybe an attention diversion for you while hitting the shot.

How to Install My Shock Absorber

  1. Find the middle of your strings at the bottom of your racquet.
  2. Pull strings wide enough to insert dampener.
  3. Slide dampener between cross strings and main strings till you can’t move it.