21 Signs You’re Addicted to Tennis – I Love Tennis!

Tennis is a popular sport, and many tennis players enjoy it to the point that they are addicted to it. As a tennis player, you will be exposed to a lot of pressure and will have to deal with many opponents.

1. You think of a wet court not as dangerous, but like a poor man’s version of a clay court!

  • You try to slide like Nadal on a wet court, but then you realize it is actually pretty dangerous.

2. You can remember every shot from your last match 2 weeks ago but can’t remember the name of the restaurant your suppose to be meeting your girlfriend at tonight.

  • “It was 30-40 2-6 1-2 and then…”

3. You use your cell phone to work on the forehand technique making sure to lead with that elbow.

  • Sometimes that phone feels like a 4 1/2 grip. I wonder if there is a phone case that feels like a tennis grip?

4. Every house you look at you see if the yard is capable of full sized tennis court or if you are going to have to settle for a pickleball court.

  • That is a nice pool, but a tennis court would definitely get more use.

5. Every tennis park you drive, you check out the talent and know that you would be best player out there.

  • Honestly, where did that guy learn his fundamentals?

6. Not sure if a casual work shirt or a tennis match shirt…

  • You know have worn a collared tennis shirt when you want to be comfortable but still presentable.

7. You notice in every single Tennis film, they clearly don’t know how to hold a racquet properly. And it drives you bonkers!!!

  • Are you telling me there wasn’t a single person on set that played even high school tennis to help. (Wimbledon we are talking to you.)

8. You find random tennis balls everywhere. Under the bed, in the bathroom, in your kitchen, in your work bag, and of course the car.

  • Dogs love your home

9. You think tennis tan lines are sexy.

  • We agree.
10. You’ve tried to find a tennis tv show, but just can’t find a good one besides Prince of Tennis and that a cartoon.

  • Can Tennis Channel create their own Friday Night Lights? Or create season 2 of Ad Out already!

11. You know the time difference in Melbourne, Paris, London, and New York.

  • Yes those are where all the Tennis Grand Slams take place.

12. When someone wants to reuse a can of balls you laugh because you have haven’t used a can more than once in 5 years.

  • Some say you’re a tennis ball snob, we say dead balls ruin your game!
Source: nytimes.com

13. You know the 10 day forecast better than you local weather person.

  • 70% chance of rain means 30% chance of no rain! You’re playing!

14. You know exactly which player has similar strokes to you and tends to be your favorite player.

  • Federer and I have a pretty similar forehand. I basically am the Federer of my club.

15. When a car lets you go at a stop sign you put your hand up like a net ball just happened.

  • Sorry, but like, not really. (Can we get rid of this standard. No one is sorry the ball went over in their favor.)

16. You pray every night for another 5 years of the Big 3 cuz who knows what the next gen is going to produce!

17. You let “Shank you very much” slip when your are thanking someone.

  • There are worse things to be addicted to than tennis.

18. You tell all your friends about the time you played that guy played against Federer in Juniors.

  • “Yeah I barely lost, but he played against Federer in 1986 when he was 13 and got a couple games off him, so basically I got a couple games off Federer.”

19. You find “the best tennis grip” then end up borrowing a friends grip when and forget what the grip was.

  • How many grips have you gone through in your day? 100+?
Source: sportsmole.co.uk

20. When you open a can of Dunlops and drop them to the ground you say KA BOOM!

  • #grenades – at least that is what my elbow feels like after the hit.

21. Your Insta feed isnt your relatives, friends, or models – it’s just tennis highlights and tutorials.

  • You’ve seen that tweener vid about 20 times already, but 21 never hurt anyone!

If you hit 10 out of 21 you are a tennis fan.

If you hit 13+ you are addicted to tennis

If you hit 16+ you are a tennis NUT!

If you hit all 21… You have problems. And we should be best friends.