10 of My Favorite IG Tennis Accounts That You Should Be Following Too!

If you’re anything like me, you spend hours a week just scrolling Instagram watching tennis vids or any sports vids for that matter. I don’t discriminate. Some vids are just better than others! So as an pro tennis Instagram viewer, I would like to offer my favorite ten Instagram’s tennis accounts that you might want to follow for sweet videos!

1. Stefan Bojic

I know I said its in no particular order but Stef is probably my favorite tennis account to follow. He is a self proclaimed “Freestyle Tennis Astronaut”. He is known for his trick shots especially his hundreds of creative serves he has come up with.

He also has partnered with Top 100 stars including Nitto Runner up Domi Thiem. He post regularly and has a lot of imitators out there that just can’t quite do it like Stef!


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2. Tennis Legend

If there has ever been a vrial tennis video… odds are pretty high that @tennislegend has posted it. It is not always superstars ripping forehands, but some throwbacks and relatable topics being shown on Tennis Legend. Def a solid follow!


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3. Just Ball Tennis

@justballtennis is one of the oldest accounts I’ve followed. From sweet tennis shots, to tennis tips, to player of the day Just Ball Tennis has it all. They give you courtside access to all things tennis. Also a great place if you are looking to share your tennis skills, I would recommend sending it their way!


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4. ATP Tour

Alright, this one is just for shear volume and access. The ATP Tour has posted over 8k times. That’s a lot of post. Yes they post at least once a day and during big tournaments like 4-8 times a day. If that is too much for you I totally get it. But if you spend as much time on IG as I do, you need the content.

They also have the most access to the TV content (and rights to most on the tennis content which is problem when you want to post on your own account…) They also have much better player access for interviews and games and BTS. They do do a great job of editing highlights together which I greatly appreciate as I miss most matches live. A real tennis fan follow right here.


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5.Top Tennis Training

As an ex NCAA tennis player, I feel I don’t really need lessons any more… Yet I can’t help listening to @toptennistraining and their tips. They do a great job of explaining one thing at a time (in a minute). It is great for both high level tennis players and beginners. If you think your game could use a tip or two (it alwasy does…) then this insta is a must follow!

6. Tennis News Machine

The Tennis News Machine is always on top of tennis news/results/and highlights. If you missed what happened the day before you can count on @tennisnewsmachine to recap what happened for you. And they usually stick to the bigger events/matches for those fans that dont really care about a wild card from a country you can’t pronounce. Quality posts from a quality account.

Source: japantimes.co.jp

7. Troy Akin

@troyakin is a former College player that now dabbles in both tennis and golf. Really living the country club lifestyle. He plays at the coolest locations all over the world from Hawaii to San Francisco to New York. He post some trickshots and also some high level shots with former college standouts. Would love to play at some of the locations he’s been too. Looks straight out of a movie.


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8. Functional Tennis

@functionaltennis is an awesome account that post viral content and up to date tennis news. They also have a great podcast with over 20 episodes. Also they are a great account to get posted on if you are looking for a little credibility in the tennis world with there player of week posts!


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9. The Slice

With only 800 followers you’re probably wondering why @theslice. This kid is a huge tennis fan “where tennis fans come to rant”. He makes plenty of videos giving his opinion on recent matches or the latest that is going on with the ATP or WTA. He is very engaging and very informative. Sometimes he post videos of him playing tennis (not bad) but usually is a lot commentary and this thoughts about what happened on the court with the pros. And I gotta say I love his opinions! He is an up and comer so I recommend getting in early!


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10. Tennis Humans

@tennishumans is a great way to get up close and personal with the tennis community. This account makes you feel like you are right there with the player. With some high quality tennis perfect for the tennis I enjoy following tennis humans. There is also no shortage of content here!


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