What Is The Difference Between Tennis & Badminton – Tennis vs. Badminton Explained

Why Tennis Is Better Than Badminton

Badminton vs Tennis

Racket sports are great, fun, full of enjoyment. Mainly because this involves the whacking of the ball using your full power but at the same time with precision and accuracy. Tennis involves hitting of the ball while badminton involves hitting of the shuttlecock. Both the games has similarities as well as differences.

Similarities of Tennis & Badminton

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Although tennis and badminton can’t be compared with each other but there are certain similarities. These are:

  • Both are racket sports
  • Both games include a net in which ball / shuttlecock has to be hit over the net to the opponent’s court in order to win the point
  • Both games have men singles, men doubles, women singles, women doubles and mixed doubles categories
  • Both games are part of Olympic and Asian games
  • A badminton match is played as best of 3 games. Player winning 2 games wins the match. A tennis match is played as best of 3 sets. Player winning 2 sets wins the match (except for Grand Slams where match consists of best of 5 sets and player who wins 3 sets wins the match)

Differences in Tennis & Badminton


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  1. Played with ball
  2.  Ball can bounce once before a player makes contact with the ball
  3. A player has two serves to start the point
  4. Dimensions of a tennis court
    1. Singles 78’ x 27’
    2. Doubles 78’ x 36’
  5. Racquets and balls are much heavier than badminton racquets
    1. Racquet Weight Range: 8oz – 12oz (255 – 340 g)
    2.  Tennis Ball Weight Range 2 oz – 2.5 oz (56 – 59.4 g)
  6. Requires More Physical Stamina, power, and fitness
  7. Matches are much Longer than Badminton Matches
  8. Tennis is usually an outdoor sport
  9. It estimated that 1.2 billion people play or watch tennis regularly, mostly in wealthier countries around the world
  10.  Higher Prize Money for Tournaments


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  1. Played with a Shuttlecock or Birdie
  2. Shuttlecock has to be hit before touching the ground
  3. A player has only one serve
  4. Badminton Court Dimension
    1.  Singles 44’ x 17’
    2. Doubles 44’ x 20’
  5. Rackets and shuttlecocks are much lighter than tennis rackets and balls
    1.  Rackets weight range 2.8oz – 3.5oz ( 80 -100g)
    2. Shuttlecoks weight range. .16oz – .19oz (4.75 – 5.5g)
  6. Requires more quickness, agility, and fast reflexes. (Yes tennis requires all those as well)
  7. Badminton Matches are much shorter than Tennis Matches
  8. Badminton is usually an indoor sport.
  9. It might come as a surprise to some people that badminton is among the world’s top 10 most participated sports. But badminton is an extremely popular indoor sport, which is played regularly by an estimated 220 million people around the world.
  10.  Prize monies are not as high

What Makes Tennis Better Than Badminton?

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Tennis or badminton. Which sport is better than the other? Well, the answer can be strictly opinion based. For some, tennis will be a better sport because either they play tennis or they love Roger Federer and for some it might be badminton for they may like its fast-paced shorter games.

If you like longer games and want to spend more time on the court, if you like 20,000 thousand people screaming out your name while playing your match, if you want to remain healthy and fit for longer period, then tennis is your game. Tennis has all the benefits you are looking for. One main reason for tennis as your next game is for its bigger pool of prize money, players can easily win big bucks in tennis especially in Grand Slams. Rafael Nadal won a prize money of 3.85 million dollars when he won US Open in 2019. So, start playing tennis.