What Can I Use A Tennis Grip For Besides Tennis? – Sports like Badminton and Pickle Ball

Other Sports You Can Use tennis grips for. (Badminton, Racquetball, Pickleball, Squash, Golf, Maybe even Ping pong)

There are numerous types of sports that an athlete can play. Among those, there are particular types of games that use racquets as their main equipment of playing. Racquet games include; tennis, badminton, squash, ping pong, racquetball, squash. While playing you have to insert a grip on the base or handle of the racquet to have a firm grip and your racquet doesn’t slip when you are hitting the shots.

Let’s have a look at each sport one by one:

1. Badminton Grips

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A popular sport that is now been played all over the world. Tournaments are held in many of the countries and more and more people are now indulging towards this sport. A faster game than tennis, badminton racquets are much lighter in weight. Yonex is the most famous, popular, and used brand for badminton racquets. Since it is a game that may not last for too long but with bursts of energies, you can have a lot of sweating thus causing your hand to sweat a lot. If you don’t use a good racquet grip, you may not be able to perform well and might lost your racquet during the process.

2. Racquetball Grips

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A similar game like tennis but with a little different rules and court sizes. Racquetball is now becoming more famous in the recent times. Like tennis, you’ll be sweating a lot and your moisture can affect your game. A good grip not only let you have a firm grip on your racquet but also increases your game performance.

3. Pickleball Grips

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A combination of tennis and badminton. Pickleball has now become a popular game in the US. A racquet game that uses a racquet of plywood and a ball to pass over the net. Played in a relatively smaller court, pickleball can also cause you to sweat a lot and a good grip can help you in your game performance.

4. Squash Grips

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A bit older game and a pretty popular too. Squash has been played for decades and requires lots of energy bursts in short-long but demanding rallies. Played in a box, your job is to keep the ball in play as long as possible without hitting beyond the boundary lines and bouncing twice. Squash is played indoors and thus, can cause you to sweat a lot. With tournaments there can be big things at stake, so have a good grip on your squash racquet to outplay your opponent.

5. Ping Pong Grips

Ping pong or table tennis is probably the most less energy-consuming game of the racquet sports. It is played on the table and has a net in the middle, thus called table tennis. Although looks easy, but ping pong has its own science and difficulties. Since quick reactions are required in ping pong, it is always better to choose a good grip before playing the game.

6. Golf Grips

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Although not a racquet sport, grips are also used on the base or the end of the golf club. Probably the least of the above-mentioned games that cause you to sweat a lot, but with the immense power and speed with which the golf clubs are hit, it is better to utilize a good grip so that you have full control of the golf club without losing it.