Tennis Gear & Tennis Equipment To Win Matches Everyday

The Tennis Racquet

Tennis Racquets are 1 of the 3 essentials you need in order to play tennis. Without a tennis racquet, Tennis Balls, and a Tennis Court (this one is up to your imagination), you can’t play tennis. Tennis Racquets have really come a long way in the storied history of Tennis. From Wood Racquets, to Metal, to Aluminum, to carbon fiber, to now graphite and fiberglass. This offers the best combination of the strongest material with the lightest material. A wood racquet can be quite heavy and brutal on the arm and tennis elbow. Plus with a bigger head size now, it has made the game more playable for the average player.

Tennis Balls


Tennis balls have not changed very much in the last 200 years. The biggest change has been the color of the ball because yellow looks best for a tennis tv show. Although different companies like Wilson, Head, Babolat, Slazinger, and Takin all have their own brand of ball, they must meet a certain requirement of a match play approved tennis ball. Finding the ball you like best takes lots of practice as some are heavier, or smaller, or have more felt on them. But most often the tournament will use the balls that pays them the most money.

Tennis Shoes

Tennis Shoes has become a household name for casual, comfy, sports shoes. While tennis shoes are Comfy and Sport, they are anything but Casual. Having a good pair of tennis can take your game to the next level. Just like most sports, footwork is probably the most important aspect of the game, and of course.. the most under practiced. Yes you could play barefoot or in other shoes, but Tennis Shoes is up there on importance level on items you need for your best tennis!

Tennis Grips


Tennis Grips are on the top of the list that isn’t essential like a racquet or ball. A new racquet will come with a regular grip when purchased. However after a couple uses it will get dirty and frayed, thus you will need to put an over grip on the handle of the tennis racquet. If you want more comfort and feel for you racquet, perhaps a tacky grip is for you. If you sweat perfusely, perhaps a dryer grip is for you.

Tennis Dampeners – Shock Absorbers

Tennis Dampeners are a personal choice. About 50% of tennis players use them and the other half hate them. You could even wrap a rubber band around the string to get the same result as a Dampener. These shock absorbers a fun addiction to your racquet. It allows your to make your racquet unique to your style.

Tennis String


Tennis String is probably the most underrated piece of tennis equipment. Racquets have become so advanced that there is not as much difference in brands any more. Strings still have very different materials and sizes. If you break strings a lot and need some power, a poly string is probably for you. If you have a bigger budget, or some elbow issues, perhaps synthetic gut is more for you. (Takin Sports does not support Natural Gut)

Tennis Clothes

Tennis Clothes ranges from hats, to shirts, to shorts/skirts, to socks. The phrase “Gotta look good to play good” definitely come into play here. Tennis is a very social and fashion forward sport. There are a lot fun options for adults and kids to dress the part. It is best to kep the outfits athletic and flexible. The more range of motion both your arms and legs have, the better chance of success the outfit gives you. Also if you play in hot weather, we recommend dryfit style clothes and to wear light colored clothes that doesn’t absorb heat like the color Black does.

Tennis Bags


Tennis Bags vary depending on your level of play. Of course if you are 3.0 you can have a 12 racquet bag. Maybe you use the extra racquet space for clothes or cold drinks. But if you are 10.0 (UTR) or above you should probably have a bag with enough racquet space as breaking tennis strings becomes pretty common. Tennis Backpacks have become very popular with the ability to carry two racquets and some clothes. It is perfect for the mid level player and looks great!

Tennis Drinks

Tennis Drinks can be anything that is going to hydrate you. There are the classics like Gatorade or Powerade, but drinks with a little less sugar and more electrolytes is going to keep you going set after set. Even a tennis sports drink like Third Set Nutrition combines electrolytes, nutrients, and caffeine to make sure you dominate at the end of your match! Also water. Water is always your friend. Water Rules!

There are a lot more tennis gear gadgets that you can use to help whether it’s with drills or post game recovery; but if you are well invested into the items above we can guarantee that you that you will start winning more matches. And at the very least we guarantee that you will have more fun! Because that is what tennis is all about right. Having fun.. and winning. Good luck out there and let us know what your favorite piece of tennis gear is!