How To Clean (White) Tennis Shoes – Best Ways To Clean Tennis Shoes

Cleaning your tennis shoes is more of an art form than a skill. There are many ways to clean your shoes. Whether you are trying to clean your kicks to make them look fresh; or just trying to preserve them a little longer because shoes are so expensive… We are going to give you our 5 best tips for cleaning your tennis shoes.

1. Knock the shoes together and get off the dust or clay or grass or ball debris or whatever has been hanging onto your shoes. For some DIY action, use a toothbrush to get the extra stuff off the shoes that doesn’t come off by banging it together.


2. Next get a warm bowl of water with just a little bit of laundry soap (Dishwasher soap works just fine too). Take a towel or rag and then clean of the tennis shoes. Put some elbow grease into it but be careful of that tennis elbow!

3. Remove laces and soles in you can. Then put them in a pocket or pillowcase and throw them in the washer. (Yes you can just throw the whole shoe in there if you want to be lazy. Works surprisingly well, but lot of water going into your shoe so do at your own risk.)

4. Air dry the shoes – Shoes don’t do as well in the dryer. Sorry!


5. Put shoe on and get ready to dominant the court again!

If all that sounds like too much effort, here are some simple shoes cleaning products that can get those shoes looking crisp, clean, and white again. Your clean White Tennis Shoes have got to match your clean White Takin Tennis Grips after all right?