Best Tennis Exercises To Do At Home By Yourself – Tennis Drills At Home

Whether you are quarantined due to a virus or you just want to take your tennis game to the next level at home, Takin Sports is going to show the 5 best exercises to do while you are at home and by yourself.

1. Band Workouts to Replicate Tennis Motions

Band Exercises are a great workout to keep you in shape on the court and off the court. You will see a lot of professional tennis players both on the men’s tour and women’s tour carry bands in their bags. They most of the time they use it as a warm up and cool down as you can work many muscles that are often used in tennis. We are going to use these bands to strengthen those tennis muscles which are in turn going to strengthen our tennis games!

2. Watch Training Videos

While we are big fans of the @toptennistraining instagram and youtube channel we are in no way affiliated with them, but with that said; they do provide great instruction to help perfect your swing. Take a look at more analysis of swings as well and practice in the mirror.

3. Watch The Pro Tennis Players Hit the Ball

I never understood why more people don’t do this. Literally just watched what Federer (or Nadal or Novak) does and try to emulate them. It may not be perfect and it may take you some time to get even close to what they look like, but it will be miles ahead of others that just go out there a pick up a racquet. I recommend this for first timers I play with. Literally just watch this video. (2 handers I definitely Recommend Novak Djokovic or Andre Agassi.)

4. Tennis Footwork Drills

Some of these drills may seem silly.. but Dominic Thiem is the 3rd Best Player in the World right now. So I highly encourage you to take notes on his footwork. He is also a clay court expert which requires even more impressive footwork. Yes some of these exercises require a partner so maybe you have a roommate, or just skips those!

5. Update Your Tennis Gear and Tennis Overwraps

There seem to be a lot of Challenges going around social media right now. Maybe do the Tennis Grips Challenge and see how fast you can change your grip. Also go through your collared shirts and see if it time for updating your shirts, skirts, or shoes? Maybe even a new shock absorber. After all, you gotta look good to play good right?!